Burnt Wood Creek

Burnt Wood Creek

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Burnt Wood Creek is a proposed subdivision development approximately 320 acres using cluster housing, land conservation design ideals, and progressive septic solutions. Many of the design decisions were driven by the location of the site within the geologic region and the desire to protect the beautiful valley and archeological resources. The Subdivision allows for a maximum of 24 homes located on approximately 107.8 acres, with the majority of the remaining acres to be deeded to the Burnt Wood Creek Home Owners Association.

Home sites were given special consideration with a variety of types to allow for some diversity in the lot types. Two “Horse Ranches are planned as larger lots with pasture for grazing; 28 homesteads.  “Homestead Lots” are planned as smaller properties to help achieve the various conservation goals of the development, such as minimizing the amount of total disturbed area.

Homes were clustered in “development groups” to create both a defensible space  from fire and eases the emergency access concerns of a remote rural subdivision.  They also allow a flexible approach to staging the overall development.

Home sites were identified with the separate development groups being platted as a tract of land allowing each homeowner with the developer the ability to “fit” each home within that tract of land.  After the home has been located the side lot property boundaries will be platted. The side lots will be platted after the home site is located and approved by the developer and buyer.

Perhaps the most unique character of the development is the Commons or “Conservation Land” that the owner/developer will gift to the  Homeowner Association. This shall be forever left as commons or “Conservation Land”.

This preserves the incredible natural character of the site as well as the other special characteristic of the property, such as:

  • Steep ravines
  • Rock outcrops
  • Pasture land
  • Incredible distant views to the central core of the Black Hills

Other planned improvements include maintaining the boundary ranch fencing as part of the commons to provide for intermittent grazing as allowed by the Conservation Land, maintaining critical habitat areas, providing walking trails, overlooks and winding access roads.

2008 Merit Award from the Great Plains Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects for the Analysis and Planning of Burnt Wood Creek in Custer County, South Dakota.



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